Some experiences last forever in the memory and visiting Sarangkot, just outside Pokhara, a few hours drive west of Kathmandu, is one of them. The weather had been mixed and low clouds hung heavy over Phewa Tal, the lake in front of Fishtail Lodge where I was staying. At 5.30am there was already quite a crowd at the viewing point (I later discovered quieter spots with similarly jaw dropping views.) Chai was served as we all huddled in jackets and gazed out over sleeping Pokhara, lights twinkling in the early dawn. Hushed voices added to the feeling of an imminent divine revelation. It was strange, you knew behind the curtain of cloud some whopping big mountains lay but, apart from the odd tantalizing glimpse, they remained shrouded. As the sun broke through the clouds the Japanese tourists cheered and there was a frantic clicking of cameras. Fleeting glimpses of Machhapuchhare, Fish Tail mountain, but the pyramidal peak still remained elusive. People drifted away and apart from the odd microlight buzzing overhead all became peaceful. I was in no great rush to go and after an hour there was only a handful of camera/mountain enthusiasts left. Our patience was rewarded. The heat from the sun burned off the clouds and slowly, slowly more of the mountains were revealed, teasing us like some seductive mountain nymph. In some ways it made the revelation all the more inspiring. The Annapurna Himalaya lay in front of us; Dhaulagiri in the west, Machhapuchhare ahead and rounded Annapurna III hiding behind.  Awesome! A word often used, but rarely more appropriately.